Sun hat

With the heatwave we were experiencing a head protection from the sun is a must. My sun hat is from a shop called ‘Diverse’ and I bought it on a sale last year and I am really happy that I got it.


Tanning products

Every year when it’s summer I always realise too late that I want a tan. So, this time I started the moment it got nice and sunny. I bought a spray from ‘Ziaja’ that accelerates the whole tannin process. That spray smells amazing and really works (the fact I fell asleep in the sun helped a bit). I will definitely be using this oil throughout the summer.


Also from ‘Ziaja’ I bought an SPF because it sounded really cool and intrigued me. It said that it is a dry oil gel which sounds really weird. Positive thing is that it has a pump and is 100 ml which means I can take it on the plane with me (with just the hand luggage).

Body lotion

With all this time spent in the sun and in the pool the skin gets very dehydrated. One of my favourite body lotions is the vanilla scented one from ‘Yope’. It’s very moisturizing and smells amazing.


I think this is an obvious one, definitely for me, since my eyes water because of the bright sun.




A life saver for places without air conditioning. Can also be a cool addition to a summer outfit.

Pool in the garden

I noticed that this year more and more people bought pools for in their gardens and I am not surprised because it’s just amazing to jump in the pool on a hot day. It’s so relaxing and refreshing.

Light foundation

The one I have been using lately is a cushion foundation from Maybelline. But I checked and it looks like it’s actually discontinued which is a shame, because I really like it. It has SPF 20 in it which is great for summer. I guess I will need to find a replacement.





What are your summer essentials? Let me know in the comments.

It would mean a lot to me if you would check out my YouTube channel. Link below to my newest video which is a Yope – brand review.



Have a great day!

– Call me a Dreamer

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