I have graduated from university!

I’ve done it! I have graduated from university!

I must say that it wasn’t easy to do so. Writing my thesis, together with moving and not knowing when I will actually have my final exam. In the end I found out like 3 or 4 days before the day of exam which on one hand was extremely stressful but on the other gave me less days to stress about the whole thing.

After I finished writing my thesis, it had to be printed, taken to uni, reviewed and all that. I also had to bring all necessary documents and few more things because I want to get a copy of my diploma in English. So, I had to literally ask about everything cuz there was no info on the website of my uni which is so nice of them.

Each department of my uni has its own covers for the end work.

Anyway, I finally handed in everything that I had to, and it was time for me to wait for my exam. While I was waiting, I started studying and revising some things. When I got the text (yes, we got notified by and SMS) I almost got a heart attack but at least I knew when it will be happening.

On the day of the exam I was very stressed and also it was extremely hot outside which didn’t help the situation. During the talk I had mixed feelings cuz I wasn’t sure if what I was saying was enough but in the end it was.


I officially survived three years and will get a diploma of a bachelor’s degree.

In the evening I celebrated by going out with the girls for a beer and our friends surprised us with flowers and prosecco. It was so sweet of them.


The next day I came home and drunk that prosecco while in the pool in my garden. Celebrating to the fullest.


It’s time to start the holidays now and hopefully have more time for social media and for the blog.


– Call me a Dreamer

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