April Favourites 2019


April was the month when I finally finished writing my thesis and handed it in. So the feeling of being done with writing (at least for now, still waiting for feedback) was definitely one of last month’s favourites.

I would like to share here with you some of the items I was loving recently. There might not be as many of them but I kind of kept myself busy throughout the month.

I hope you enjoy it.


#1 Orsay – Red Blazer



I found this blazer a few months ago on sale in Orsay and I was doubting a bit if I should buy it and I am so glad I did. The red colour of it felt a bit scary to me at the beginning but now I love it. I wore it a few times last month which is a lot considering it is a bright red blazer.

Size 32


#2 House – Trousers with red detail



These trousers I got like last season and I am still loving them. I like to dress them a bit down using white trainers and white t-shirts, I feel comfortable in a look like that.

Size XS


#3 Dress Abercrombie & Fitch



Can you tell I’ve been into red lately? 😛

This dress is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I am a bit low on dresses like this and I am looking to grow that section of my closet. I was so happy when I bought this one. I ordered it from Asos btw. The material of it is so nice and soft, it feels very well made and is very comfortable. I might need to look into this brand some more.

Size XS


#4 Essence – nail polish


For one moment my bright red addiction shifted to bright pink. I really like this vibrant colour from Essence. One coat could be enough but I like to use two.

Shade: #lucky


#5 Ziaja – Glitter body lotion


Don’t let the name scare you. This lotion sinks in quickly into the skin without making it sticky but also leaves tiny bits of glitter behind which make you look like you glow. It also has a slight brown tint which definitely helps when there is zero tan on my body.


#6 Lomi Lomi – Acerola face mask


I have a whole pack of sheet masks from this brand but so far I only tried this one and I was very pleasently surprised. The mask was very saturated, smelled nice, moisturised my skin and also it fit perfectly to my face. The best sheet mask I have tried so far when it comes to its shape.


That’s it for today’s post I hoped you like it.

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What have you been loving lately? I would love to know.


– Call me a Dreamer

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