My Spring to do list



Spring is officially here even though the weather is playing up a bit and giving more winter vibes than spring vibes.

I wanted to do something different for me today and write my Spring to do list with things I want to do in the next few months.

I’m also curious to see if I will succeed into ticking each one of those things from my list.


My to do list:

  • Spend quality time with family over Easter break
  • Start the BBQ season
  • Do more bicycling
  • Discover more of Warsaw
  • Do a big spring clean of the whole apartment
  • Start properly learning Dutch
  • Try to eat more healthy
  • Do a digital spring clean (files, pictures, social media)
  • Read more books
  • Get my life even more organised 😛


These are just things off the top of my head. I’m sure there will be more things that I will want to do but this is just like a reminder for me.

Anyway, I encourage you to create a similar list to keep yourself motivated but also hold accountable.


Have a great week!




Also, check out my newest YouTube video:


– Call me a Dreamer

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