How Halloween looks like in Poland & 1st of November


To me it feels like it’s becoming more and more popular, but it is not as full on as in other countries. The increase in popularity is not only noticeable amongst small children, who clearly love it because of the sweets but also with adults who just like to get together with friends and have a chance to dress up. It’s a nice escape from the reality.

The main sign that Halloween is close is the products that are in offer in shops. That’s where you will see some spooky decorations, creepy masks, wigs, costumes etc. A lot of shops mix in the Halloween products with Autumn décor just because the need for Halloween things is not that big yet.

What I enjoy the most when it comes to Halloween is the way some people decorate their houses. Some ideas are just so brilliant and creative. Polish people don’t decorate their houses (yet) like you see in movies and for me that would be the most fun part. That and eating chocolates of course.

Even though I had no party plans I decided to do a Halloween makeup just for the fun of it. Because let’s be real how often do I get to do something like that?



























All Saints’ Day

What’s more important for the Polish people is the day after Halloween.

1st of November is called All Saints’ Day it is a Christian tradition where on that day we honour all the saints.

Currently it’s a national holiday on which people visit the graves of their loved ones, friends and unknown graves to light candles and decorate them with flowers as a sign that we remember about them.

This tradition is being celebrated by most people despite whether they are Christian or not. It has also become one of the rare occasions where you meet with distant family members who travel to light candles on the graves.

I always take that day to think about those who no longer walk among us and those I’ve lost. It’s nice to remember the good moments I got to spent with them.


– Call me a Dreamer

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